Academic Honesty


LIS strives to ensure that students understand the intrinsic value of showing their own work for assessments and correctly referencing the works and ideas of others.  Students will have the extrinsic value of earning credit for authentic work in assessments.  

 LIS students should show their ability to be:

  • Communicators through the production of their authentic work
  • Principled researchers through referencing the works of others used in the student’s work
  • Knowledgeable writers through the use of proper referencing styles for the works done.
  • Caring and reflective learners by respecting their own work and that of others.

Plagiarism Policy

Definition of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is defined as:

  • Copying of another person’s ideas and /or works, whether intentional or not, in whole orin part, from a print or non-print source, and using those ideas or works as one’s own.
  • Deliberate and/or consistent lack of proper documentation and citation in the project orpaper.
  • In-text documentation that is not reflected in the Works Cited page.

Teacher Responsibilities

London Islamic School teachers are to provide the following at the beginning of the paper or project:

  • An assignment sheet with detailed instructions;
  • A rubric outlining assessment at all points of the process and for the final product;
  • Clear guidelines regarding acceptable amounts of help from peers or other adults.

In addition, teachers are responsible for:

  • Assisting students who are having difficulty in the location and evaluation of information;
  • Assisting students in how to manage time and deadlines throughout the researchprocess;
  • Conferencing with students on formatting and composing the project or paper.

Student Responsibilities

  • Submit authentic work;
  • Follow the project instructions and deadlines assigned by the teacher;
  • Ask questions and seek help from appropriate persons;
  • Cite in-text or in-project sources correctly and accurately;
  • Format Works Cited pages correctly and accurately.
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