At London Islamic School, athletes are challenged to discover their God-given talents in a team-centered environment. Coaches balance development with competition, teaching values for life beyond the playing field. This approach of challenge, cooperation, and competition with character provides the foundation of athletics at our school. We invite you to be a part of the LIS Lightning partnerships whether athlete, parent, or fan, as together we strive for excellence and to represent our school with integrity.

Incredible learning opportunities are not limited to a classroom setting. Some of the most valuable lessons are learned on the field, in the gym and on the track. Competition and cooperation describe the lessons learned through athletics at the London Islamic School.

We offer 11 teams in four sports including:

  • Junior/Senior Basketball
  • Junior/Senior Volleyball
  • Junior Soccer
  • Cross Country

LIS Lightning is not only about winning, although we do plenty of that, but it is about working hard, never quitting, and committing to something larger than one’s self.

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