General Admissions Policy

Is the London Islamic School for me?  

As an Islamic Private School in London, LIS welcomes applications from the parents of students who understand and support our mission, vision, and values. 

The London Islamic School gives a fair and equal chance to all applicants who fulfill the admission requirements; dependent upon space availability. To determine admission eligibility for students transferring from another school, official report cards as well as other supporting documents are submitted upon application.

An assessment process will be conducted, including an interview with both the child and parents.  Applicants are advised that the school does not have the resources and facilities to serve the educational needs of students with learning disabilities and/or social, emotional, or physical disabilities.

Re-enrollment for current students and their siblings is processed annually in February and new students’ applications will subsequently be considered based on available space in the program.

Offer of Admission

Upon successful admission to the London Islamic School, parents will receive an LIS offer of admission. If all required documents – as outlined below – are returned by the specified date indicated on the offer of admission, the child will be enrolled in the program:   

  1. Signed Confirmation of Enrollment form
  2. Payment of the enrollment deposit, applied towards the annual tuition fee
  3. Health Questionnaire
  4. Permission, Acknowledgments and Release of Information forms

If the above documents are not received by the date indicated on the offer of admission, the spot shall be made available to other applicants.  Please note that under no circumstance will we admit a student to a class of which full student capacity has been reached.  In the event that we are unable to offer your child admission, it is our practice to keep your application on the waitlist for one year, unless requested otherwise.

Re-Admission of Students who left London Islamic School Under Special Circumstances

A student who left LIS under special circumstances such as but not limited to expulsion, poor disciplinary record, or poor academic record, may not automatically be registered at a later date. The student must go through the necessary steps for admission as indicated above (interview, assessment, and a review of their previous school record).  Students placed on academic or behavioral probation may be asked to leave at any time during the school year in which they were given probation.

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