Learning Technologies

At London Islamic School we believe that a contemporary learning environment, one that parallels many of the technology-enabled experiences available to students and staff outside schools, is critical to the growth of our learners in today’s society.  LIS provides student access to a mobile tablet cart and student computer stations in every classroom.  Each classroom is equipped with a interactive teaching tool and projector for optimal student-centred approaches in the teaching and learning that takes place at LIS.

We also believe firmly in the value of the opportunities for redefined learning that such technology access provides our students & staff and, furthermore, that these are the priority focus of our work together. The technology is available for the service of a greater aim which, for us, centers around enabling our students to engage in transformative learning experiences; experiences that would not be available without access to an appropriate suite of technologies.

We also know that such transformations do not occur without parallel focus by our faculty on the developing knowledge of twenty-first century learning. To this end, we bring these conversations together through the teams and structures we build as we review, incorporate and evaluate new technologies hand-in-hand with redefined teaching and learning initiatives.

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