Elementary School


Excellence in education for motivated young learners is what our Elementary Division strives for with every student. The staff has taken the mission to heart in creating an environment for students to help them become Islamically strong, academically successful, well-balanced, and prepared for future challenges.

Our elementary division serves a great number of students from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and cultures. We are committed to supporting each child’s spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual development. Our Islamically infused teaching methods are designed to inspire students to become intellectually inspired and achieve their potential within a stimulating and caring learning environment. Our program strives to develop students who are independent and life-long learners. The attributes of the London Islamic School serve not only as a guide for the kind of student that we hope will graduate from our school, but for all the learners in our school community: students, teachers and parents. We also hope that parents will encourage the development of these attributes at home in order to support what is being done at school.

Students are encouraged to explore, experiment, wonder, inquire, practice, invent, create, imagine and play. We believe that learning should be fun and that part of our role as educators of young children is to instill a love of learning. We want all our learners to be actively engaged and involved fully with a hands-on approach to all learning experiences.

Our elementary school is comprised of two divisions as follows:

Division One: Kindergarten to Grade 3
Division Two: Grade 4 to Grade 6

We welcome your thoughts, comments, and questions about our elementary program of studies; please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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