Mission, Vision, and Values


London Islamic School strives to develop an enriched learning community that promotes academic achievement, leadership, and Islamic values.


To build and maintain a learning community that produces leaders through faith, knowledge, and inspiration.


The values held at the London Islamic School are established by using a holistic approach to learning; one in which the essential elements of achieving human excellence – in an intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual context – are instilled in our students starting at the earliest stages. We aim to raise students who demonstrate impeccable Islamic character along with advanced academic skills and exemplary citizenship.

One of LIS’s most important priorities is to develop our students’ cognitive and social skills through integrating Islamic values with the Ontario programs of study. Our school uses the ABC – Keys to Students’ Success model to achieve this as illustrated below:

  1. Achievement- We aim to foster high expectations from all students and help them achieve their full potential.  This is done through exploring all possible strategies that lead to enhancing students’ performance with increased involvement and collaboration of parents.
  2. Behaviour- Demonstrating a positive attitude and appropriate behaviour are key elements to high academic achievement. Our school-wide discipline policy is derived from Islamic principles that aim to proactively approach unacceptable behaviour through means of student collaboration in order to help analyze their actions and take full responsibility for the outcomes.
  3. Celebrating Milestones and Successes- An effective means of motivating students and sustaining success in our school is celebrating student accomplishment. The continuous celebration of success breeds even more success and helps to build student self-confidence, motivating them to achieve higher.
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