Hour of Code

At London Islamic School, we believe that access to quality computer science education is a matter of equity.  We envision LIS as a leader in the 21st century learning platform, and we are committed to preparing our students to be active participants in the growing technology sectors.

The London Islamic School is pleased to offer coding classes to our students from grades 3-8 during our lunch hour once a week.  We have recently partnered with Hatch Canada, a premier provider of computing-related instruction for everyone.  Hatch Canada teaches coding with a unique project-based approach and creates experiences for kids that will last a lifetime!  Nothing Hatch does is average.

Hatch has extraordinary programs that create lifelong memories and teach new skills that open doors for kids and provide them with all the tools required to succeed in the 21st century knowledge economy.

The London Islamic School chooses Hatch Canada for the following reasons:

  • Hatch Coaches are counselors, mentors, engineers, and more
  • Hatch offers a unique student-centered approach to learning which guarantees our students’ engagement
  • Hatch teaches in clusters of 6 students per Coach to ensure a personalized learning experience
  • Hatch’s self-paced, master-based approached to learning guarantees our students are actually coding for 90% of every class
  • Hatch also focuses on teaching critical thinking, creative thinking, and collaborative skills; these are competencies that serve students throughout their lives.

For more information about Hatch Canada, please click here for their program brochure, offered at the London Islamic School this year.

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